Birthday Week Explorations

Happy birthday to me!! Before I share my meal plan for the week I have to share the cookies my boyfriend and I experimented with last night- he always makes fun of my kale obsession, and so of course what do I request? kale chocolate chip cookies! I saw this recipe on Facebook and had to know what it was all about. And the video was right, they were surprisingly delicious! Check out the recipe here (note: I added an egg to moisten them).

Super tasty!

I just got back from a wonderful day out with my parents and Matt: we went to the Winter Park Art Festival and had a delicious meal at The Porch. Their sweet potato black bean patty was probably in my top 3 veggie burgers, and the restaurant is super cute, social and upbeat! Definitely added to my list of go-to restaurants in the area. Now I’m ready for my quiet night in.

The Porch, Winter Park

So now back to the meal planning: Last week I was given the amazing opportunity to intern for a company called Elevation Scholars, a group that works to provide training, resources and scholarships to high-achieving students in Title 1 high schools, to help them pursue a college education. I am excited to get to work with their event planning team to help organize these boot-camps, ceremonies and information sessions, but am also nervous about adding another thing to my overflowing plate…YIKES. These extra work hours will definitely mean more meal prepping and to-go meals, and this week is the first test to see how my new plan goes.

My new lunch recipe for the week is Quinoa Veggie Collard Green Wraps. Usually I buy Toufayan gluten-free wraps for lunches, but I can never seem to get them to hold together. When we were in NY I got a collard wrapped veggie burger and it was DELICIOUS. So I decided to give this method a try; plus it’s fresh, low-carb and still super filling! Here is the recipe I am using as my base (I’m thinking my fillings will be: cucumber, carrot, alfalfa sprouts, red onion and zucchini spears- with roasted red pepper hummus. YUM!)

Crockpot dinners will be my best friend for my double shift days- having dinner ready for you helps you resist the urge to grab takeout on the commute home. I opted for chicken fajitas this week; I can serve this over salad, rice or in a wrap, giving me lots of options for the week so I am not bored. All I do is dump 1/2 sliced onion, 1 sliced green pepper, 8 ounces chicken, taco seasoning and 1/2 can black beans in the pot, and cook on high 3-4 hours. So easy and so yummy.

Meal Plan March 18-25th 2017

SA Almond Milk Peanut Butter Oatmeal Tuna over spinach salad w/ balsamic Date Dinner- Ruby Tuesdays
SU Banana Cinnamon Oatmeal Birthday Lunch- The Porch Pasta w/ sautéed vegetables + shrimp
M Egg sandwich w/ fruit salad Cold Zoodle Veggie Pad Thai Crockpot chicken fajitas over rice
T Berry Overnight Oats Quinoa collard wrap- (NEW!) Baked lemon chicken w/ roasted vegetables over sautéed kale
W Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats Quinoa collard wrap Crockpot chicken fajitas over salad
TH Coffee Oat Smoothie Chicken salad over spinach with raw veggies + hummus Dinner with Mom and Dad



I head home Friday and have two whole days to experiment with mom in the kitchen. I’m thinking some muffin tin breakfasts and maybe a new Buddha bowl?! I’m off to get prepping now, have a fantastic week everyone!



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